Flavor and persistence

A pleasant scent, which is uniformly stable for up to 60 days.
With adjustable fragrance intensity provided
by the special design of the product lid.
Safe against leakage and can be conveniently positioned in cup holder,
under the seat, door pocket or other appropriate place in of your car.
All products are accompanied by the aroma tester (Sample) as special sticker.
Rubbing it you can easily feel the aroma of the product.




The quality and the assortment

A wide range of flavors for every taste!
California Scents are available in 30 different flavors.
California Scents box is sealed hermetically.
Flavours will not vaporize before the sale, as long as the box will not open.
User-friendly. Made from 100% organic essential oils.

Manufacturer design

California Scents are produced in the United States since 1993
and have won popularity in more than 100 countries.
The bright colors and attractive design will attract customers' attention.
The convenient packaging allows it to be placed
anywhere in the office or at the stalls. 12, 36 or 288 jar stand
will give you the opportunity to offer
a California Scents wide range of flavors transparently.

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On producer

  This company was founded in sunny California in 1993,
when it started to produce organic air fresheners and flavorings.
Then came the now so popular "air freshener in the little can."
Since then, the company's products are popular
in more than 100 countries around the world,
and the company is proud of the fact that the flavors are still
being manufactured in the USA using 100% organic essential oils.

Auto Exotica 2015

No 10 līdz 12 aprīlim mēs piedalījāmies izstādē
Auto Exotica 2015, kas norisinājās izstāžu hallē BT1,
kuru apmeklēja vairāk nekā 35 tūkstoši cilvēku.

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