Vent Clip

Utilizing the power of a car’s air vents,
this product is an effective way to freshen a car’s interior automatically
by simply attaching the air freshener to any car vent.
The Vent Clip contains 90% pure fragrance oil in a solid
form and offers the consumer a simple solution to air freshening
that is effective for up to 30 days. Proudly Made in the USA.




Organic contains 100% organic fragrance oils,
providing maximum strength air freshening for up to 60 days.
Made in the USA, Organic utilizes our biodegradable fiber pad technology
and is formulated to release consistent amounts of fragrance,
without the worry of spills.


Pop the top and place anywhere you want a fresh scent.
After 60 days, rotate the scent pads and place
the canister in smaller areas such as closets, pantries or drawers.
California Scents keeps on working and freshening for months.
California Scents Original Spillproof Organic Air Fresheners®
are available in a wide variety of fragrances.



Citrus Sprays

If you love the fresh smell of citrus,
you’ll love Citrus Splash® and Orange Squeeze®.
They’re the perfect way to control odors and freshen any area.
Use at home, in the office or in the car.
Just a few sprays provides instant results.

Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator is a safe and effective way
to eliminate offensive odors. A perfect fit for car cupholders
or under the seat, Odor Eliminator is a concentrated gel
that delivers extra odor absorption.
This unique can of wonders is both
an odor eliminator and an air freshener.




Xtreme® utilizes breakthrough Solid Fragrance Oil technology.
Each Xtreme air freshener contains more than 90%
pure fragrance oil in a solid form. With a scientifically-controlled
evaporation process, the compact Xtreme releases substantial
mounts of pure fragrance and powerful freshening that lasts up to 45 days.

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